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TGM has always paid the utmost attention to the safety of its machines. Control over all safety aspects starts with the design and culminates in a stringent testing protocol to ensure its effectiveness and efficiency.

Consolidated relations with university researchers and experts in the sector, and specific training courses for TGM machine designers ensure that high quality standards are also maintained in safety compliance.

EU Directives

All our machines are subject to continuous conformity assessments, including instrument checks, regarding the relevant Community Directives, which are currently as follows:

TGM is also able to handle special certifications requested by customers, designing and manufacturing machines for explosive environments (ATEX) and in accordance with other product directives (PED, etc.).

Harmonized Standards

TGM’s technical team always assesses the applicable Harmonized Standards carefully, from EN ISO 12100 for the design and evaluation of the risk, to EN 60204-1 for the electrical requirements, EN ISO 13849-1 for control systems and the more specific type C standards (e.g. EN 415-X). All TGM machines come with appropriate instruction manuals which are complete, accurate, clear and specific for the machine, according to the indications of harmonized standard EN ISO 20607.

CE Marking and CE Declaration of Conformity

The CE marking process is an integral part of the manufacturing of every machine. TGM products have always passed the rigorous tests carried out by relevant Notified Bodies, at the request of the customer, and conducted on both operational and functional aspects as well as documentation.

Other certifications

TGM serves customers in European markets and beyond.  It can supply machines not only in compliance with EU directives but also in accordance with other safety standards such as UL and GMP in the USA, GOST R and EAC in Russia, NR 10, 12 and 17 in Brazil, Australian Occupational Health and Safety law (AOH&S), etc.

TGM is also able to provide the most common acceptance testing (SAT & FAT) and product qualification (IQ, OQ, PQ e DQ) at the specific request of the customer.


The high quality of TGM machines ensures they can be used intensively and for a long time, thanks to the care taken in all aspects of the production process.  Quality does not only refer to product quality, but also service quality: production processes, from design to acceptance tests, are optimized, making it possible to maintain and improve product quality, and increasing reliability and durability.

Research and Development

TGM has always considered investment in research and development to be of strategic importance in order to implement new projects and expand its product range.  Sustained investment allows the use of advanced design systems, the evaluation of new production systems, successful and ongoing involvement of specific consultancy services and research contracts with industry experts.

“R&D” is one of TGM’s strengths enabling it to achieve technological and commercial success with increasingly innovative and high-quality products.

Focus on human resources is key to the development and improvement of the entire production process, from the concept to the design and the production of new products, all of which are driven by the commitment to meeting customer needs.  Research turns an idea into reality.

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