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Industry 4.0 readiness

Through collaboration with experts in the sector, who work on technical standards committees (one of our consultants is vice-president of UNI/UNINFO CT 519 and editor of the UNI/TR 11749 technical report for interconnection and integration) and have relations with the Ministry of Economic Development, we have successfully revised our machines to comply with the principles of “Industry 4.0”.
Our machines are designed for interconnection and automated integration through various protocols (OPC-UA, Profinet, etc.), allowing two-way data exchange between the PLC and the information system, in order to:

  • remotely manage the activities of loading, saving and retrieving recipes; controlling machine functions;
  • managing process parameters (e.g. cycle times, pressures, consumption) and production batch parameters;
  • dialogue with management systems, production systems, planning systems, etc., providing, for example, the number of pieces machined/produced/scrapped, hourly production, machine stops, absorption, and, more generally, information on the status of the machine in real time.

Our machines can be equipped with a remote diagnostics system, operating through special devices, connected in wired or wireless mode (also via a data SIM), with unique identification via a fixed IP and dedicated VPN.


The technology of our machines delivers innovative features, including:

  • increased process automation resulting in improved efficiency and effectiveness through the design of customised systems for feeders and the precise positioning of elements;
  • precise production and consumption forecasts, thanks to the machine’s ability to exchange data with the company’s information system;
  • enhanced man-machine interaction resulting in a reduction in errors, time and costs as well as improved process safety;
  • the ability to vary production speeds in relation to operational needs, thanks to reduced set-up times, management and control systems and the provision for remote programming;
  • optimisation of energy consumption and reduction of waste, with the aim of zero-defect production.

Transition 4.0

Our machines are designed and manufactured in compliance with the requirements of technic and fiscal Italian rules according to the logic of “Industry 4.0” to access tax benefits.

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